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Special Needs Caring Center

Our Special Needs Care Center is designated for children, adults, and families. The Care Center was established in 2007 by a group of outgoing and enthusiastic Chinese Christians, several of whom are parents of children with special needs themselves but many are simply just volunteers, students, and retirees from local communities. Thus, our nurturing care center has the strong support of the Chinese community and people from all walks of life in the Houston area. The purpose of the Care Center is to provide care and help for children, adults, and families with love and knowledge. We do this to enable them to be supported and satisfied in heart and mind, strengthen their families, and live happily with hope in life. Our mission is to raise proper understanding and support for these children and families in our communities. We specialize in lectures and gatherings for families with special children, organize classes and activities suitable for all age groups, assist in applying for social welfare, consultation and assistance in school IEP meetings, self-testing of learning disabilities, hyperactivity, autism Initial testing, treatment referral, etc. In addition, we also open community service projects to encourage students and social caring people to become volunteers and join the service of helping families with special children. Any Inquiries or consultations are welcome. 

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