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Project SMILE


Project SMILE was born from a community initiative that began in Houston in 2007 when a group of parents established a mutual help group. Gaining sponsorship and support from the Light and Salt Association (LSA) in 2008, this initiative blossomed into the Special Needs Caring Center (SNCC), a dedicated platform that provides a wide range of support to special needs children and their families.


In 2014, the SNCC took a major leap forward by hiring a full-time worker, Ms. Sharon Cheng, who was entrusted with the task of developing the center, planning events, and catering to the diverse needs of the children. With her guidance and dedication, our initiatives continued to flourish and expand.

In 2015, our efforts were rewarded with a grant from the Texas government to establish Project SMILE, a dedicated program for special needs individuals aged 19 and up. Operating three days a week, Project SMILE provides a space for these older teens to learn, interact, and grow together. The progress we've witnessed in our students over the years has been nothing short of inspiring.

Project SMILE embodies our commitment to special needs families, nurturing their hopes and dreams through comprehensive support, dedicated instruction, and mutual empathy. Our aim is to transform challenges into victories, and nurture smiles where they are most needed. We believe in the power of unity, the potential in every individual, and the possibility of a brighter, more inclusive future.

Living Skills

At Project SMILE, we are deeply committed to fostering independence and confidence in special needs adults and children, empowering them with vital life skills that allow them to navigate the world around them with greater ease and assurance. Our tailored instruction, which includes areas such as cooking, household chores, money management, and traveling safety, plays an essential role in achieving this goal.

Music Arts and Crafts

Project SMILE is also dedicated to nurturing a holistic learning environment, and our arts and crafts classes play a crucial role in this vision. Arts and crafts offer an outlet for self-expression and serve as a unique medium for enhancing students' ability to follow instructions and fine-tune their dexterity. Our music classes serve as an immersive and exciting avenue for our special needs students to experience the joy of rhythm and melody, while also improving cognitive functions, emotional health, and social skills.


Socialization is a cornerstone of individual development and wellbeing, especially for our special needs students. We strive to provide ample opportunities for our students to engage, interact, and form connections; this enhances their self-esteem, communication skills, and overall quality of life. A key part of our approach to fostering socialization is our collaboration with the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS), a non-profit youth leadership organization. We are proud and grateful to have many dedicated youth volunteers from AYLUS who assist in our classes, bringing a vibrant energy and unique perspective to our program. If you have any interest in becoming a volunteer, please reach out to us via the information below.

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