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Who are we

Our purpose is to combine the human resources and resources of the Houston Chinese community to care for and take care of those in need in the Houston area. Our vision is for individuals, families and communities to be filled with peace and joy and life with hope.


Organization members

  • Advisory Board Members
    • Kalvin Wong
    • Karl Chen
    • Alexander Wong
    • Frank Liu
    • Mary Chiang
    • Paul Zhang
    • Dalun Zhang
    • James Hwang
    • Min Grace Hu
    • David Hsu
  • Board Members
    • Furjen Deng, Chairman/Chair
    • Long Hwang, Vice President/Vice Chair
    • Youfeng Li, Finance/Treasure
    • Wen Tu, Secretary
    • Charles Yuan, Board Member
    • Jingpin Fan, Director/Board Member
    • William Sun, Director/Board Member
    • Ron Li, Director/Board Member
    • Jian Yang, Director/Board Member
  • Executive Director
    • Helen Sun
  • Staff
    • Sharon Cheng
    • Yu Gu
    • Qiu Yuexiang (Hanna Lee)
    • Joanna Cui
    • Qin Y Feng
    • ​Natalie Lin
    • Irene Wang
    • Susan Su
    • ​Jie Yang
    • Liang Yang
    • Abe Yao
    • Ariel Gu
    • Emilie Chien
    • Joyce
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