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Light and Salt Association

The Light and Salt Association is a 501(C(3) non-profit organization registered by the government. The Light and Salt Association combines the human resources and resources of the Houston Chinese community, regardless of sect or ethnic group, and cares for and serves the poor and disadvantaged. The foundation of the The Light and Salt Association is based on the biblical teaching: "You are the salt of the world. You are the light of the world" (Matthew 5:13-16). Since its establishment in 1997, the Light Salt Society has promoted activities such as: Health Day, Concerts, dinners for cancer friends, health talks, cancer support groups, and winter clothing donations.

In 2001, in view of the fact that many Chinese people were often panicked and overwhelmed after learning that they had cancer, because of cultural and language barriers, Chinese cancer friends could not directly get substantial help from the cancer mutual aid groups set up by mainstream American society. Therefore, the Light and Salt Association has established a cancer care network, hoping that through this care network, Chinese cancer patients and their families can have a mutual aid group with Chinese characteristics, thereby improving the quality of life of cancer patients. The first Chinese breast cancer mutual aid group in the Houston area was established in 2007 to serve Chinese breast cancer patients, their families and Chinese women who want to know about breast cancer. In order to improve the awareness and prevention of cancer in the Chinese community, Cancer Friends also provides community cancer education and advocates the importance of early medical examinations.


3535 Briarpark Dr., Suite 135, Houston, TX 77042

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