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Red and Blue Card Supplemental Program Medicare Saving Program

Different plans can pay PartA, PartB premiums, deductibles, etc.
Offered by the state of Texas to help applicants pay premiums, deductibles

The following conditions must be met:
1. Existing Medicare Part A and Part B

2. Live in Texas

3. Citizens or eligible legal residents

4. Income and assets meet the following conditions

The following documents need to be prepared:
1. Social Security Card

2. Identification documents (any of the following): US passport, birth certificate, citizenship paper, green card (1-551)

3. Proof of address (any of the following): Texas driver's license or 1D card, water, electricity, and other bills, bank statements, lease or home purchase agreement

4. Proof of income (any of the following): Social Security Letter, tax return for the last year, W2 or 1099, if you live by savings, please provide the bank statement of the last 3 months, if you are subsidized by others, you need subsidy The person provides a letter of certification (the template is provided by Guangyan Society), and the certification letter signed by the employer (the template is provided by the Guangyan Society)

5. Bank Statement

6. Medicare Card

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