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Haas Line Medicaid Gold Card

Family Physician Cancer, Cardiology, Community Medicine, Annual Medicine, AIDS, Home and Palliative Care, Nutritional Services, Rehabilitation, Medication, Trauma, and Women's and Infant Medicine. Food and Nutrition Services, Transportation Services, Translation Services, Parking Services, Spiritual Care Services. General medicines, anticoagulant therapy medicines. Community health education, AIDS testing, vaccines, etc.
The following conditions must be met
1. Must be over 18 years old
2. Live in Harris County
3. Household income less than 150% of federally poor counties
family size
  /   $18735
2  /   $25365
  /   $31995
4  /   $38625
  /   $45255
  /   $51885
7  /   $58515
8  /   $65145

If there are more than 8 family members, each additional person can use the following link to estimate the eligibility for the Gold Card Online Estimate of Gold Card Eligibility

The following documents need to be prepared
1. Identification documents.
a. Identification documents, which can be any of the following. Driver's license, valid student ID, valid employee ID, US immigration documents; passport.
If no documents are uploaded, two of the following documents are required. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, adoption papers; valid current paychecks, other federal identification documents, Social Security cards, Medicaid cards, Medicare cards.
b, if married, one of the following documents is required. Marriage certificate or 1040.
Note: If the marriage certificate and birth certificate are not issued by the United States, translation and notarization are required.

2. Address proof document.
All property bills and bank deposit statements

3. Proof of income for the past 90 days : Can be any of the following. Tax return for the most recent year, W2 or 1099. If you live by savings, please provide the bank statement of the last 3 months. If you rely on others, you need to provide a letter from the sponsor (the template is provided by Guangyan Society), signed by the employer (Guangyan Society has a template).

4. If there is a child, proof of parent-child relationship with the child is required. Can be any of the following. Birth certificates, immigration documents, school registration documents, etc.

Welcome telephone consultation: (713) 988-4724
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